Event Signage That Pops!

When planning for a large corporate event, the branding has to be top of mind. Transforming the blank canvas of an event venue into a graphic designer’s vision is Dynamite Digital’s specialty. Let’s look at some of the key facets of quality event signage and branding.

Color, consistency, and creativity


One of the most important aspects of event signage is the efficient use of existing space. Making the most of the areas the venue will allow you to brand is paramount. Some venues will allow you to splash vinyl and rigid signage on all surfaces and others can be very restrictive.

Self-standing event signage


When a client puts a restriction on what areas you can use, free-standing signage is always a great option. Meterboards – printed on either foam or falcon board – are eye-catching uses of space and are often used for directional signage. Fabric backdrops are a fantastic option for stage areas, crowd control barricades, and registration backdrops.

Transforming walls, windows, and stairs



Areas of a venue that may not seem brandable at first can be a highlight of your event. Almost every surface can have graphics installed and removed without affecting the underlying material. Always ask the graphics specialist about any ideas a designer has for the event signage – the options may be surprising. In the image above, a custom-fabricated foam tower was slipped over an existing directional signage tower seamlessly – and complemented the stairwell graphics in a very cost-efficient way.

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