Event Graphics: From Good to GREAT

Event graphics are now used more than ever. With giant trade show like Dreamforce and Oracle Open Wolrd to compete with, companies events are becoming much flashier and using much more media to captivate their guests. The printed event graphics for StartUp Health Festival 2018 show what a fully branded event looks like in 2018. Printing a corporate event’s worth of graphics is no simple task and takes clear cooperation between designer and printer.
Outdoor signage design sheet

Start-Up Health Festival 2018

StartUp Health Festival 2018 is a medium sized corporate event hosted by the Village in downtown San Francisco. This a 3 story event space, blank walls, and a lot of surface area. This 2-day promotional event includes different rooms, each designed for moving people through the event. Every room serves as an opportunity point to deliver a message from the company. Working with the designer, we transform this 3 story event space into a branded corporate theme park.

Stair graphics from design to application


Now for the Printing

Large format printing is the best way to seamlessly change a space in a very short amount of time. Working with Anna Marie events, our first step towards success is taking very accurate measurements. These are the backbone of everything, and keep us safe from problems during installation. The designer then produces the artwork and creates a layout of the space using. Depending on the surface, we then assess which materials will work best.

For this project, almost all of the graphics are wallpaper murals, made with adhesive vinyl. Finally, we prepare the files for print production and begin production. Proper planning requires good collaboration between teams. As you can see, the order of the stair graphics in the photo mimics those in the graphic design. As a bonus, these plans also makes things much easier for the graphics installation.

wallmural design to print

Printed event graphics have a profound effect a guest’s experience. Huge graphics provide great opportunities for attendees to take photos and company’s to deliver their message. More information about event graphic printing can be found on our event graphics page.