Site Surveys

Seemingly minor details you jot down at a walk-through can make all the difference on installation day.

An essential part of the event graphics planning process.

Any event graphics specialist will tell you that the most important part of the process is the work done long before event day – the site survey. Here are some tips on how to nail the first step in the event graphics planning process.

Take copious notes when meeting with the event planner/producer. They manage the relationship between the vendors, venue and the client.

It all starts at the beginning – when a client presents their vision for the event. It’s easy to pay attention to what an event planner is saying, but it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to remembering the details. Write everything down when meeting with the planner – even the minutiae. Missing a small detail – a potted plant that will partially obscure your graphic, a velcro strip, a wall placement – could make the install day quite a struggle.

Communicate any initial concerns or alternative options to the client up front. It’s vital to the project’s success to map everything out early and ask every question you can think of. That way, when the planner takes the final look at your project before the event, nothing will be out of place.

Take lots of photos during your site survey. Measuring and documenting all areas where you plan to install graphics is a must.

Having accurate dimensions, notating the texture of surfaces, and understanding the lighting of the venue are all critical to a successful project. If you notice during the site survey that one of the event producer’s planned graphics may not work on a certain surface or in a certain location, having a thorough library of dimensions and notes can help you find the best solution. Avoid the extra back-and-forth with the client: take photos and notes!

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