We made great things happen for Uniqlo

Each Campaign we produce is centered around branding the Powell Street Flagship Store near union square where the brand dedicates the most spend. The 15 or so other retail stores around the bay area as well as their locations in Oregon and Washington receive elements of the graphics package, but never the quantity or scope of work as the flagship.

Uniqlo works with us to highlight the seasonality of their products while also co-oping with what’s on trend for that time period. An example of such a campaign occurred when the New Star Wars movie was released. T-Shirts were Star Wars themed and our graphics attracted interested consumers by heroing all the usual suspects, R2D2, Darth Vader, etc.

Similar campaigns have been focused around Keith Haring, KAWS, Marvel, Lego, and Pixar.

Graphics include:

Window Displays — Lots and Lots of Window Displays
Floor Decals
Mannequin base wraps
Column Wraps
Wall Murals
Cut Vinyl Lettering
Rigid Wall backdrops
End Cap Graphics
Hanging Graphics
Static Cling