Tips From Our Event Graphics Specialists

At times, it feels as if there is no more hectic job in the world than a graphics specialist on the day of a large event. We’re here to show you the method to the madness.



Dynamite Digital has provided printing solutions for hundreds of events since its inception in 2003. There’s more to planning and executing the graphics for a successful event than just the printing, trimming, finishing, and installation. Here are some pointers from the company’s event graphics experts.

Take copious notes when meeting with the event planner/producer. They manage the relationship between the vendors, venue and the client.

It all starts at the beginning – when a client presents their vision for the event. It’s easy to pay attention to what an event planner is saying, but it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to remembering the details. Write everything down when meeting with the planner – even the minutiae. Missing a small detail – a potted plant that will partially obscure your graphic, a velcro strip, a wall placement – could make the install day quite a struggle.

Communicate any initial concerns or alternative options to the client upfront. It’s vital to the project’s success to map everything out early and ask every question you can think of. That way, when the planner takes the final look at your project before the event, nothing will be out of place.

Take lots of photos during your site survey. Measuring and documenting all areas where you plan to install graphics is a must.

Having accurate dimensions, notating the texture of surfaces, and understanding the lighting of the venue are all critical to a successful project. If you notice during the site survey that one of the event producer’s planned graphics may not work on a certain surface or in a certain location, having a thorough library of dimensions and notes can help you find the best solution. Avoid the extra back-and-forth with the client: take photos and notes!

Details, details, details

This is where you get down to the nitty-gritty. Build out a PowerPoint deck with all planned graphics and their dimensions and locations. Get advice from your installers, and trust them when they make suggestions. Make the deck thorough. Use plenty of visuals. The more visual information you can arm the installers with the better.

Ensure the scope of what the client wants to do is feasible from the beginning from a production standpoint. After that, consider the timing for the installation and the venue. If it is going to be a difficult install, it may behoove you to do a site visit with an installer to get their opinion before the day of the install.

Be prepared for last-minute changes

As many event professionals know, deadline day can be hectic and doesn’t always fall in line with the plan. Spend some time mapping out your plan for any number of logistical difficulties – a late delivery, a missing or damaged display, a change demanded by the planner.

Spend a couple of minutes before the installation day with your pre-press and finishing teams and let them know that you need them to be on-call during the installation. A simple heads-up can make a big difference in being able to execute a last-minute change.

In addition, it is always a great idea to have at least one member of your staff at the venue on install day. Having “boots on the ground” enables you troubleshoot and make adjustments on the fly with ease.

After the tear-down

After the removal, communication with the client is key. If the install took longer than anticipated, or other additional costs were incurred, make sure to be detailed in why you’re passing on this cost and why this situation occurred.

The goal is to earn repeat business and build strong, trusting relationships. A simple follow up with the event producer can make all the difference.

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