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Custom Event Signage

Event Branding Products

No matter how large or small your event, we offer a variety of printed products to fit your needs. Large format printing offers easy branding solutions for any surface indoors or outdoors. If you can design it, we can print it!

Wayfinding Signs

With so much going on, wayfinding signage is not only necessary for your attendees to get around, but also a great opportunity to
reinforce your brand presence. Typically printed on foamcore, SINTRA or any of our other board materials. You can get very creative with how you hand and design your wayfinding signs.


Temporary Walls

Faux walls are great for concealing unsightly dividers, wall plumbing or boxes of swag. Made from foamcore, or gatorboard, fake walls make it easy to add more ambiance to your event space.

Indoor/Outdoor Banners

Singe or double sided, printed banners can be printed to any size and are adaptable to any setting. We offer an array of hardware to customize your banner to make it easy to hang. We offer the following options for designing your banner or banner stand: grommets, hemming, pole pockets, mesh banner material and wind slits.

Stage Backdrops

If your event has a stage, you need a backdrop.
We print backdrops that are suitable for indoor and
outdoor usages depending on the material.
Backdrops can be made with Mesh (as seen above), canvas to
be stretched across a wall, or a an assortment of
floating boards as seen here.

Podium Graphics

Podium graphics are a great way to greet your guest to an event or trade show display. Also great for stage podiums. The graphics
are made with adhesive vinyl that can be easily removed. They can also be backlit and printed with translucent adhesive vinyl for a more dramatic effect.


Self Standing Event Signage

If you need a sign in a great location but have nowhere to hang it, a self-standing sign is a perfect solution. Typically made from Foamcore or Falcon board, and available for double-sided printing, self-standing signs are easy to move from place to place and are completely re-usable.

two standing formcuts of video game characters

Standing Formcuts

Formcuts can be a great tool for interacting with your attendees, especially with younger audiences. They can be made with Foamcore or Falcon Board, are very light and easy to move, and come available with standing hardware

Grand Format Wall Graphics

Working with a lot of space gives you a lot of opportunity. Grand Format wall Graphics are extra large for covering large walls that
divide your event space. Some designers use them to display information while others use wall covers to add more ambiance. Wall Graphics are made with either adhesive vinyl, or stretched banner vinyl or canvas. We can also make our own printed walls using 2 inch substrates.


Printed Step & Repeat

Digitally printed step and repeats of any length are great opportunities for guests to share their experience at your event. Printed on vinyl banner material, step and repeats can be a simple pattern of your sponsor’s logos and can include high-quality photographs

vinyl graphics on stairs

Stair Graphics

Vinyl stair graphics are a creative way to turn a boring staircase into a beautiful work of art. Split one tall graphics into multiple panels, or feature different messages and images on each step.