Large Format


We carry a wide variety of materials for large format printing. Each material has its own advantages and special uses.

FOAMCORE (Foamboard)

Offered in a variety of thicknesses, Foamcore is an affordable lightweight substrate with many applications. This material can easily be cut into any shape, mounted on walls, printed double-sided and laminated for better durability. Available in white and black colors.

photo of gatorboard


Gator Board has a very rigid poly surface which is resistant to moisture, unlike foam board which is foam covered with lightweight paper stock. Gatorboard offers an even higher quality image than Foamcore and is much more resistant to warping or bending.



Adhesive vinyl is a versatile material that applies to any smooth surface indoor or outdoor. We carry a library of types of adhesive vinyl including; fogged, perforated, Pantone colors, holographic, metallic, semi-transparent and more.  Adhesive vinyl is available both in high-tack or low-tack for short and long-term uses.

SINTRA (PVC board)

Sintra is a hard PVC board available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Waterproof, sturdy and easily laminated, Sintra is ideal for permanent indoor signage. Sintra is built to be cut into any shape and offers a third dimension to your graphics.

DIBOND (Aluminum)

DiBond is an aluminum composite material with a solid polyethylene core. Most commonly used for construction signs due to its extreme durability, DiBond is waterproof and can also be printed on double-sided. If you are looking for a metallic finish for your design, DiBond can easily be cut to look like custom metal graphics of any shape.



Flexible, tear-proof and waterproof, banner vinyl is a great material for hanging signage both outdoor and indoor. Banner vinyl offers a high opacity image and can easily be printed double-sided.


Perforated Banner Mesh is a plastic banner material that lets both light and wind pass through. Most commonly used for windy outdoor areas, this material is most commonly used for large stage backgrounds, booth banners, and pole banners.

CARDBOARD (Eco-Friendly)

Affordable, lightweight and an environmental option, cardboard offers an economic solution for temporary indoor signage. Great for hanging off ceilings and easy to work with, cardboard also offers a unique DIY aesthetic to your designs.

FALCONBOARD (Eco-Friendly)

FalconBoard is a 100% recyclable, renewable material with a honeycomb infrastructure. A stronger and more environmentally friendly option than Foamcore, FaclonBoard is a perfect option for self-standing signs.



A thin and flexible plastic material, Styrene is regularly used for graphics fitted into window frames and other tight places between two surfaces. Styrene offers double-sided printing, has no material memory and can be laminated for better durability.


Coroplast is a light-weight plastic material that can be cut and bent into three-dimensional shapes. Coroplast is waterproof, lightweight, and great for outdoor signage such as campaign and real-estate signs.



Printable Magnet is a high-performance magnetic material that offers photo-quality graphics. Printable Magnet is an excellent choice for menu boards that are subject to change and other graphics that need to be moved frequently.